A new "Stanley Parable" inspired game gets demo today - "Do Not Press The Button (To Delete The Multiverse)"

Публикувана на: 09.11.2023 Ревюта

"If you're a fan of games featuring comedic narrative and exploration, like "The Stanley Parable," now you can try "Do Not Press The Button (To Destroy The Multiverse)." The demo is available right now on here: Steam.

"Do Not Press The Button" is being developed by Theseus Games Studios, who have previously released two games under their brand. They describe the game as a wacky exploration game, where you find new ways to annoy The Developer and mess with the Universe he has created. Will you press the button? That is up to you!

The game is also set to be featured in two of the biggest festivals of the year: WePlayExpo 2023 and Steam Next Fest.

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