3 Hidden Gems to Uncover During the last day of Next Fest 2024

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As the curtain draws to a close on Next Fest 2024, gaming enthusiasts have one last chance to uncover hidden treasures before the digital showcase concludes. Among the myriad of experiences, three games stand out as diamonds in the rough, offering unique gameplay, creativity, and sheer entertainment. Here are the hidden gems to discover on the final day:

1. Do Not Press The Button (To Delete The Multiverse)

Developer: Theseus Games Studio
Steam Page


Do Not Press The Button presents a first-person exploration experience where the only rule is not to press that BIG RED BUTTON. Developed by a small team studio, this game draws inspiration from titles like The Stanley Parable and Title_Pending, creating a world where players can engage in various absurd activities and, most importantly, resist the temptation to press the forbidden button. In a true Stanley Parable fashion a snarky narrator will keep you company trough the demo and tell you exactly what to do.

Key Features:

  • Annoy The Narrator: Mess with his stuff, defy his commands.
  • Fun Activities: Engage in battle of withs with the A.I., explore secret areas, and discover hidden content.
  • Interactive Elements: Experiment with random physical objects inside the facility for a touch of unpredictability.
  • Multiple endings: Based on your style of play, the demo will give you a different ending.

Download the demo on Steam right here.

2. Antipaint

Developer: Vilius Prakapas
Steam Page


Antipaint turns the traditional twin-stick shooter genre into an artistic endeavor. In this roguelite experience, your battlefield is your canvas, with vanquished blobs of paint creating streaks, splats, and Cubist patterns. Each completed stage results in a unique artwork, complete with given names for your creations. But beware, the bosses are not just any foes; they are angry and conveniently public domain portraits from the annals of painting legend.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Art Creation: Defeat enemies to unleash explosive paint patterns, turning the battlefield into a visual spectacle.
  • Naming Your Masterpieces: Every finished stage leaves behind a unique artwork with a name of your choosing.
  • Humorous Boss Fights: Encounter angry, iconic paintings in boss battles that balance challenge and humor.

Download the demo on Steam right here.

3. Raw Metal

Developer: Team Crucible
Steam Page


Raw Metal offers a dynamic blend of stealth and beat-'em-up elements, taking place in an exoplanetary mining facility. As a rangy scavenger infiltrating the dungeon-like floors, you'll navigate shadows, use noisemakers, and engage in technical combat reminiscent of classic beat-'em-up games. The starkly shaded aesthetics and crisp combat animations give Raw Metal a unique flair, providing players with both stealthy and brawler options for tackling challenges.

Key Features:

  • Stealth and Combat Fusion: Infiltrate the mining facility using stealth techniques, or unleash your inner brawler in intense combat scenarios.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Employ a variety of techniques, including wall slams, slides, and gadgets like electric traps.
  • Engaging Aesthetics: The game's sharply shaded visuals enhance the combat animations, providing a visually striking experience.

Download the demo on Steam right here.

As Next Fest 2024 enters its final day, don't miss the opportunity to explore these hidden gems. Do Not Press The Button (To Delete The Multiverse), Antipaint, and Raw Metal showcase the diversity and creativity within the indie gaming scene, promising an unforgettable gaming experience. Seize the moment and uncover these extraordinary titles before the virtual curtain falls.

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